About Us

We are a local Historical Society dedicated to preserving and sharing the heritage of Dover and Foxcroft for the enjoyment of future generations. The Society is an on-going organization with an active board of directors and a full slate of officers. Our Society came into being in 1964 as a group of concerned citizens banded together to save the Blacksmith Shop on Dawes  Road.  This  was accomplished in a timely manner and still exists as  one  of  our  buildings.  The Society was rejuvenated in 1995 as we accepted the Observer Building which sits at the head of Union Square in Dover-Foxcroft. Both of these buildings are owned and maintained by the Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society and both are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We have these two buildings set up  as museums and are open to the public with displays  pertaining  the  history  of  our towns.

The Society is a tax exempt organization subsisting on annual membership dues and donations.  We keep our dues at an affordable level- $10.00 per year and $7.00 for over 65. We apply for many grants for special projects. We are currently covering the operating expenses of the museums. All of the participation within the Society is voluntary. We have no paid staff.

Our activities: The Society engages in a wide array of activities in the community throughout the year.  Among them are

  • Opening the museums for tours and visitors during the summer months at least one day per week.
  • Changing  exhibits in the Observer  Building  museum  approximately  once a year.
  • Researching our collections for interested parties.
  • Participating in the  Town’s  Whoopie Pie  Festival and Homecoming celebrations.
  • Providing special speaking programs for interested groups.
  • Working closely with the Town of Dover-Foxcroft in identifying structures and neighborhoods of historical interest.
  • Meeting with property owners looking for information and advice on protecting their historic property.
  • Providing walking tours for visitors and residents.
  • Saving our historic buildings (Including Central Hall).