Blacksmith Shop Demonstrations – 

June 17, 2023                   Dustin Freefhy-Poiss  (postponed)

July 8, 2023                      Jason Schriver

August 19, 2023               Dustin Freefhy-Poiss (reschuduled from June 17th.)

September 9, 2023           Dwight King

All demos are held at the Dunham Forge, located next to the Blacksmith Shop Museum, they are held from 10 am to 3 pm.

A New Display —  Foxcroft Academy is celebrating 200 years of education.  Come see our new display featuring an old football helmet from the 1920’s, dishes, pennants and other items from the onset of the academy.



Foxcroft Academy is 200 years old.  The first academy was built in Monument Square behind the statute.  This building was moved and replaced by a larger school. The present day academy is now located on West Main Street.




This displays a 1961 championship letter jacket and a letter sweater.

Also in the display case is a football helmet from the 1920’s.

On top of the cabinet is an lp record, recorded by the Foxcroft Academy Orchestra from 1971.




This wall shows Foxcroft Academy china.

Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society Meeting

The Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society will be meeting at the Commons (Central Hall) on Wednesday at 7:00 pm on:

September 6, 2023:    Dennis Lyford will be speaking on “Who murdered Sir Harry Oaks?”

October 4, 2023:        Jon Knepp, director of the Thompson Free Library, will talk on the 125th anniversary of the library.