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2021 – Summer Crosby House in neighboring Atkinson
2020 – Spring Calvin Chamberlain and his Octagonal Barn
Report if the Maine Board of Agriculture 1865
2019 – Winter Emma B 2.22
Emma B Memorial
Lewis H Dow
Rolling Snow
2019 – Autumn Writer and Poetess – Verna Ellen Levensalor (m. Thornton)
Excerpts of her writings
Letter to Mrs. Reagan
2019 – Summer Story of Ruth Levensalor Crowley, Esq.
2019 – Spring Tale of the Little New Testament (1855)
Dr. Leo Vetal Robbins
Thoughts on Thompson Guernsey
Recipe from the Blethen House
2018 – Winter Great Post Office Scandal of 1917
Siding in Dover Village 1916
2018 – Autumn News Paperboy – David Anderson
WWI On the Homefront  Aug 6, 1914
Letters from Soldiers  (WWI)
2018 – Summer Our Maine Hometown Boys Serve (part 2)
Letters from Soldiers
From Observer 3/28/1918 – Daylight Savings
New Sidewalk in Union Square
2018 – Spring Our Maine Hometown Boys Serve
(Company F, 103rd. Regiment, 2nd. Maine Volunteers)
The Commons at Central Hall is open
2017 – Winter Joseph Henry Bodwell, Part 3
2017 – Autumn Joseph Henry Bodwell, Part 2
Central Hall, a brief Note
2017 – Summer Joseph Henry Bodwell
2017 – Spring The Warren Home
2016 – Winter A Tribute to Lou Stevens
Remembering my Cousin, Ann Weston
The Final Buzzer Sounds, by Lou Stevens
A Lou Stevens Biography
2016 – Autumn The Doctors Stanhope
Three Squares
2016 – Summer 6th Grade, by Lou Stevens
More on Dover-Foxcroft Schools
Pat Leland Remembers
Tale of Two Drugstores, by Mark Stitham
2016 – Spring 5th Grade, by Lou Stevens
Helen Deag Remembers
Mark Stitham Remembers
2015 – Winter School Days, by Lou Stevens
Francis, Frank Douty
2015 – Autumn The Water Trough, by Mary Annis
Clarence Blethen
Mayo’s Mill is sold
2015 – Summer A small Town, by Lowell Tyler
The Moosehead Hydro Plant, by John Wentworth
2015 – Spring Mayo’s Mill, the Early Years
The Mayo Family
2014 – Winter Our 50th Anniversary – Part 4
A Tribute to Madelyn Betts
Edward “Ned” Buck
2014 – Autumn Our 50th Anniversary – Part 3
Dr. Henry A. Robinson
New Chestnut Trees
Summer at the Dunham Forge
2014 – Summer Memorable Times at Central Hall
Our 50th Wedding Anniversary, Part 2
2014 – Spring Remembering Two Farms
Our 50th Anniversary
2013 – Winter Remembering Mr. Timothy Perkins
Christmas Shopping in 1901
Santa spent a night in the Dover jail
2013 – Autumn Local Treasure lost to fire
New project at the Blacksmith Shop
Changes on Park Street
Letter from Wainwright Cushing (Civil War)
2013 – Summer Mary Elizabeth Greeley
How to kill a town (1877)
More on the Chief, Herb Green
Foxcroft Academy Centennial
2013 – Spring Chief Herb Green
A Morning to Market in 1913, Lou Stevens
2012 – Winter Wainwright Cushing
A Letter from Wainwright Cushing
Some early Foxcroft History
2012 – Autumn The Knights of King Arthur
The Fair
Letters from the War – Fred Kimball
Well-loved horses – Lou Stevens
2012 – Summer The Cascade Comes Home
Letters from Home – Fred Kimball
Hasey’s Bus Lines – Lou Stevens
Softball at FA – Glenice Haley Snyder
2012 – Spring Happy 200th Birthday Foxcroft
Letters from the War  – Fred Kimball
The Grammer School
2011 – Winter Christmas – 1911
Letters from the War – Fred Kimball
Helen Stitham
Grace E. Martin Annis Bush
2011 – Autumn Streets in Dover and Foxcroft
Letters from the War – Fred Kimball
Do you know who this child is?
A labor of love
The Doctor’s House on Winter Street
2011 – Summer Three Generations of Weatherbees
Enjoyable Meetings
Letters from the War – Fred Kimball
The Circus Comes to town
2011 – Spring Growing up in Dover-Foxcroft – Lou Stevens
Central Hall Update
A Civil War Reading List
Letters from the War – Fred Kimball
Jacob “Jack” Koritsky
Jack Koritsky Remembered – Lowell Tyler
2010 – Winter If houses could talk (William F. Sampson) – Sylvia Dean
Thanks to the Batticks
Buck’s Apothecary
The Blue Lady
Mr. Koritsky?
2010 – Autumn The Grandstand at the Fairgrounds – Lou Stevens
Summer Melody
Ice Cream Social
The Blacksmith Shop – New Drawings
D-F & Guilford split Doubleheader
Five Sets of Buildings Burned
2010 Summer FA Academy News – Lou Stevens
East Dover Bridge
Eliza Chadbourne
2010 Spring Towns Supported Soldiers & Refugees inn WW1
Fight to Save Central Hall
More on the East Dover Bridge
Cemetery Project
2009- Winter East Dover-s Exotic Bridge
King of the Bobcat Trackers
Volcanos – Here? When?
2009 Autumn Memories of Uncle Ralph – Lou Stevens
The Society’s Unknown
Mrs. Robinson’s Will
Main Street Walking Tour
2009 Summer Foxcroft’s Freeland Holmes & The Washburn Family (2)
Chandler’s Cinderella
2009 Spring Foxcroft’s Freeland Holmes & The Washburn Family (1)
Historic Zoning Ordinance
2008 – Winter Foxcroft Meets the World Via the Tin Can
Tribute to Jim Brown and Bob Pomeroy
Emma B. Memorial
Central Hall
2008 – Autumn Observer Building Sports “New” Look
Ike’s Secretary in DF
Grandeur of the Past
2008 – Summer One of the Greatest Generation’s Sacrifice (Ora Murch)
First Ever Ornament
Work on the Facade
2008 – Spring What do We Do About Central Hall? – Lou Stevens
Museum in the Courthouse
The USS Isabel
A Letter from Sacramento, 1862
2007- Winter Major Wreck at Foxcroft Yard!
Lou’s Sixtieth
Eliphalet Washburn
2007 – Autumn “Bump” Barrows FA Touchdown Record – Lou Stevens
Central Hall’s Future in Jeopardy
2007 – Summer Great Exhibits, Great Programs: Make us part of Your Summer Plans
Work at the Blacksmith Shop
Touring with Lou Stevens
2007 – Spring The Lighting Legacy of Elias J. Hale
Farewell to Dot Greenlaw
Blacksmith Shop Needs Your Help
2006 – Autumn Making a Living in Dover & Foxcroft in 1904 – Lou Stevens
A 10th Anniversary
A Cow Rental Contract
2006 – Summer New Exhibits & Programs at the Observer Building
The Society’s Unknown
2006 – Spring Tortured Genius (John Francis Sprague)
Our New Sign
2005 – Winter Foxcroft’s Opera House
2005 – Autumn The 1869 Diary of Laura Maria Johnson
Civil War Day
2005 – Summer Civil War Day Celebration
The Burgess Family of Dover – Part 3
Corrections & More on Center Theatre
2005 – Spring When the “Talkies” Came to Town
The Burgess Family of Dover, Part 2
My Grandmother & Johnny
Computer Donated to Society
2004- Winter Future Dormitory on the Move (Chamberlain House)
The Burgess Family of Dover, Part 1
The Case of the Mortgaged Teeth
Buy a Blacksmith Shop Window
2004 – Autumn The Lure of Silver (foxes) – Lou Stevens
Museum Receives Facade Grant
Central Hall Memories
The Blacksmith Shop’s New sign
2004 – Summer The Mayo Building Fire of 1895 – Lou Stevens
Hearse and an Engine
Madelyn Betts honored
Members Remember Central Hall
2004 – Spring Mural, Mural, On the Wall (The Post Office Murals)
Central Hall
Isaac Royal: Dover’s Naval Hero?
The 1937 Basketball Champs
Letter from a Civil War Hero
2003 – Winter If Only He Could Talk (Monument Square)
Aunt Hannah’s Hill
Long Journey Home (Edward Hinks’ Civil War Trunk)
Madelyn Betts Resigns as Secretary
2003 – Autumn Oil Under Dover?
Ghost Noises from the Past?
Blacksmith Shop’s Roof
Madelyn’s “Townies”
Racing in His Blood – Lou Stevens
2003 – Summer Stories in Bronze (Bronze Plaques)
Cupid & the Printer’s Devel
Why We Moved to Maine (Walter Boomsma)
2003 – Spring Stone Monument of Douty Family Tells Story of Much Sadness – Lou Stevens
Who Needs Walmart?
1902 Valentine
Union Band of East Dover
Preserving Old Scrapbooks
2002 – Winter Two Dover-Foxcroft Men Gave Life & Hope to Millions of Children (Henry Gerrish and nephew Hap Gerrish).
Boys Will Be Boys
Civil War Medicine
1866-1867 Report to Selectmen
MacDougal Program
2002 – Autumn Lydia’s Magical Elixar (Lydia Pinkham)
FA football in 110th Year
Intriguing Obituaries
Fountain/Car Crash
Raising Foxes
2002- Summer The Story of Stanley William Tumosa
Madelyn’s 90th Birthday
Boys in the Belfry
Collecting Milk Bottles
Maine Families at Sea
Drinkwater Creamery
2002 – Spring Dover & Foxcroft in the Spanish American War
Hickory Dickory Dock
Kicksled memories
2001 – Winter Daniel Putnam – A gentle man in an ungentle time
2001 – Autumn Dover Craftsman (Daniel Neal) honored by Marine Museum
Dover’s “Lady With a Lamp” (Sarah Elizabeth Palmer)
Hill’s Hall (Ward, True Value building)
2001 – Summer The “Duke of Bridgewater” visits Society
The Foxcroft Slate Quarry
Historical Society & the Town’s Comprehensive Plan
A Trail of Parsonages (Congregational Parsonages)
2001 – Spring Piscataquis Observer, Excerpts from 1997 guide
In the Summer of 1900…..
2000 – Winter Christmas Holidays at the Observer Museum
Know your Officers
Central Hall – by Lou Stevens
“Big House, Little House, Backhouse, Barn”
Maro Regional Hospital
2000 – Autumn Ryan Stitham Takes on Eagle Project
South Dover-s Oil Well
2000 – Summer Springtime Means Spruceup Time
Sebec Lake Notes
A Cinderella on Lincoln Street (Charles Parsons Chandler’s Law Office)
2000 Spring Furnace Fails at the Observer Building
Recollections by William G. Glover, Sr.
1999 – Autumn Recollections by WIlliam G. Glover, St.
The Millerites in Maine
1999 – Spring Dyer & Hughes Manufacturer of Organs and Pianos
Workers with the Divining Rod
Joshua Jordan’s Woolen Mill
Names of Squares (Market Square, Merrick Square, Hill’s Block)
1998 – Winter The Kimball Family and Their Store – Lou Stevens
19th Century Building Trade
George Babson, Business and Philanthropist
1998 – Autumn Daily Life was a Struggle for First Settlers
Nathaniel Hopkin’s Brick Store
South Dover Meeting House
Test Your Maine Lingo
1998 – Summer The Peaks Family
The Peaks Family
The Pleasant Street School – Mary Chandler Lowell
1997 – Autumn A. G. Lebroke, The Town’s Great Orator
Preserving Our Past
Lorenzo Dow’s Farm Diary
News of the Observer Building
1997 Spring Mary Chandler Lowell, a Thoroughly Modern Woman
Preserving our Past
We’re About to Take Title to the Observer Building
Blackwmith Shop Museum